Q: How can I submit a grant?

We only will accept completed applications that are submitted via our online form. No other methods of submission will be accepted.

Q: What types of grants do you make?

The foundation is focused on making donations that will have a material positive impact on the Wellington community. We are focused on medium to long-term programs for Education, Athletics, At-Risk Youth Programs, or Preservation. The foundation does not set a minimum or maximum on grant requirements, but we are looking to make donations that make a significant difference in the community.

* We prefer to support programs rather than fund ongoing operating expenses.

* We prefer to underwrite programs rather than purchasing tables at, or tickets to, events. However, our family members do often attend these types of events, so please let us know about them.

Q: What should I include in my application?

First and foremost, please provide a summary of your organization, your event and/or the program you are seeking a grant for. Let us know how this grant will benefit the Wellington community, and how it fits within our mission. If you are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, please make sure to check that box. If you are looking to fund a program for multiple years, please let us know that, and include the amount of funding needed for the entire program.

Q: How do you decide which grants to fund?

Our board meets regularly to discuss each application and will allocate resources to programs that both make a significant impact in the community, and are consistent with our mission.

Q: Is there a deadline?

YES. Applications will be reviewed quarterly. Submit by these dates:

March 30 | June 30 | September 30 | December 31

If the donation is more time sensitive, please send us an email in advance. Review will be completed about 30 days after the dates listed above. Applicants will be notified of grant status upon completion.

Q: If my request doesn't fall into one of the 4 areas, can I still apply for a grant?

We strongly believe in programs that focus on education, athletics, at-risk youth, and preservation in Wellington. Therefore, strong preference will be given to these areas. However, we will review all applications. So if you or your organization have a request that falls outside of these areas, and you believe it helps us achieve our mission, then we encourage you to still apply.  

Q: How long has the Jacobs family been involved in Wellington?

Our family came to Wellington in 1972, and we have been active in the Wellington community ever since.

Q: Can I apply more than once?

If you are not awarded a grant the first time you apply, you can apply again. However, we do request you only submit once per year per cause/event.

Q: When was the foundation founded?

This foundation was created in 2015. However, the Jacobs family has been active in the Wellington community since 1972. They formed and funded the Wellington Equestrian Alliance in 1997 and the Wellington Preservation Coalition in 2012.

Q: Which community does this foundation serve?

The foundation serves only Wellington, FL.