Wellington Landings Middle School was awarded a grant of $25,000 to purchase 40 new computers for the benefit of over 1,200 middle school students. In addition, technology and software updates will be purchased and installed for cutting-edge education. Congratulations to Wellington Landings Middle School for being a Jacobs Family Foundation

Elbridge Gale Elementary School has received a grant to purchase technology required for a LEGO Education WeDo program, focusing on project-based learning, particularly constructivism. The software introduces students to basic computer programming skills, as well as helps develop more traditional skills, such as comprehension, communication, creativity and critical thinking. Congratulations

We’re pleased to announce that the Wellington High School Debate Team has been awarded another Jacobs Family Foundation grant! This grant will be used to purchase 10 new Dell Chromebooks, with the purpose of utilizing light, mobile technology for debate team students to do research and speech prep. The current computers are

Binks Forest Elementary School received a $25,000 grant to continue a S.T.E.M. education curriculum previously funded by the Jacobs Family Foundation. Designed to foster critical thinking and intellectual curiosity, the program seeks to prepare students for participating in and understanding the global economy. Students are encouraged to explore creativity and

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Foundation is a staple in the Wellington community, and the Jacobs Family Foundation is proud to help support it. A recent $20,000 grant will be used to fund scholarships for local Wellington students pursuing higher education. Together we are working to keep Wellington great! See

A $5,000 grant was awarded to the Wellington High School Athletics Program to purchase new weight room equipment. The equipment will benefit the entire student body during physical education classes. A portion of the grant will also provide equipment updates for the football program. Learn more about our Summer 2016 grant recipients.


Congratulations to the Wellington High School Visual Arts Program for being a Jacobs Family Foundation grant recipient! This grant will be used to purchase new computers and software valued at $34,500 for use through the Visual Arts Program. These technology upgrades will allow for enhanced digital art and photography skills,

Congratulations to the Wellington High School for being a Jacobs Family Foundation grant recipient! This $3,000 grant will be used to purchase additional paper shredders for a school-based enterprise in which special-needs students aid the local schools in their paper shredding needs. See all of the Summer 2016 grant recipients.